About Hollywood

 The influence of the world on our minds is overwhelming. Constantly, music, films, entertainment and the arts bombard us with moral decadence. Fashion trends that catch the attention of young people cater to immoral tastes. Pure language is on a steady decline and is being replaced by illicit language, which can be heard daily on radio and TV and in the movies. Respect for others has become a thing of the past.

Today's ruling philosophy is self-indulgence. "It's all about me." The tragic result of our "self"belief system and our inward focus is that our love has grown cold. We have become a generation of angry, disrespectful, unforgiving, worrisome, cynical people.

There is a great movement in our world to steer far away from God and His principles. Those involved in this trend work diligently to attack all that is decent and right- and they battle for the minds of all people, especially children. The victor in this war is the one whose mind will not be taken captive by styles, trends, immorality, godless philosophy, hatred, and worry- all of which result in destruction.
- Gary LaFerla

Former Teen Idol and Christian actor Kirk Cameron attacked & mocked for speaking out about gay marriage

Perfect example of anti-Christian bigotry in Hollywood ABC's: "GCB"

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