The Bible is God's love letter to you and me; it contains thousands of answers to the questions of every aspect of our lives.

Only the Bible has the power to change people's lives, because it is the living Word of God.

The bible claims for itself that it is God breathed, that it is written by the Holy Spirit of God Himself through human instruments. The bible is written over thousands of years, in a number of different cultures in three different major languages, yet the entire thing all points in the same direction. There is a theme that goes all the way through the whole thing, it's absolutely remarkable. I thoroughly believe that the bible is breathed of God, that God wrote it. As a result, it is thoroughly relevant in every single age because God is timeless. And so there's aspects of it that are a little archaic but there is something useful in every single passage of scripture for people living today. - Pete Brisco

What's so great about the bible?

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